Gamer proposes to partner using Mario Maker

mario maker proposalWe’ve seen it before with the help of various other titles, but here’s the latest case of ‘gamer making smart use of a game to propose to his/her partner’. Shane Birkinbine from Arkansas in the US made a level in the Wii U’s Mario Maker, asking her to marry him. He filmed the level and her reaction and posted it on Facebook and Youtube.

In the video, Pam (his partner) can be seen collecting coins, hitting blocks and jumping across moving platforms before the question comes into view. Due to her level of concentration, Pam almost misses the lettering made of blocks that spell out the message. “What’s that say?” he asks. “The blocks… It spells out your name I think.”

It’s a nice little story for a Friday afternoon, and best of luck in the future to Shane and Pam. Who else had this idea and now feel like it was a missed opportunity? Have you made any levels in Mario Maker that you would like to show off, that don’t include a proposal? Why not mail us your code or comment on the article or on our Facebook page?

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