GAME to play Co-op with WHSmiths

GAMEIt’s been a turbulent few years for UK retailer GAME what with the decline in physical discs being sold and the rise of Amazon and EBay. It wasn’t long ago that the store nearly disappeared from our high streets altogether but for a last minute intervention. Now GAME looks to rebuild and strengthen its position and has teamed up with WHSmiths to try to finally turn their fortunes around.

As digital purchases gather pace high street stores are doing all they can to stay relevant and stay in business. In the UK we’ve lost a lot of stores over the years and in particular stores that sell games. GAME very nearly disappeared themselves not long ago but have since been rescued, although the business has struggled since.


It hasn’t been easy for the UK store to turn things around and we’ve seen some high profile errors on their part make things harder than they would otherwise have been but I for one am glad that they are still with us and more importantly that  their staff still have jobs.


Games latest effort to turn around its fortunes include partying up with another UK retail giant, WHSmith.  WHSmith stopped selling games sometime back in 2010,  but it’s now been announced that GAME will offer a small selections of video games in particular outlets.


In a statement to GamesIndustry a GAME representative said “GAME Retail is rolling out a small number of concessions as part of an ongoing trial across WHSmith stores in 2016.” The representative went on to say,  “Alongside our 300 high street stores it means easier access to top video games, accessories and merchandise for our community of gamers nationwide.”

nintendo switch nintendo nx

This is an interesting development for the retailer and may well be as a result of them closing their smaller stores to make savings. Time will tell if this co-op play through is successful but I think having more places selling games has to be a positive step. The company hasn’t been performing well and will no doubt be hoping that the PS4 PRO, Nintendo Switch And Microsoft’s Scorpio can help increase sales.

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