GAME store charging for PlayStation VR demo

PSVR playstation vrA branch of UK game retailer GAME has come under fire this weekend for advertising and charging curious customers for playing a demo of the PlayStation VR headset. Stroll into their store and check it out for yourself, but give us money first!

Considering the hefty price tag of the device and all its required extras, such as the console itself, Move controllers and PlayStation Camera, a large down payment is necessary if you want to take the next step in gaming home with you, but you would probably want to at least try it out first, to see how prone you are to being nauseous, if at all.

GAME still want to charge you though, and some customers were informed of the charge only after trying it out. The current going rate is £5 for 10 minutes, £10 for 20 minutes and £15 for a half an hour. Of course, if you feel that you really enjoyed the demo, and want to buy the PlayStation VR right there and then, the price of the demo will be deducted from your overall cost. Isn’t that lovely?

PlayStation VR is the next big thing in console gaming at the moment, and while I have yet to even try VR in any capacity, I hope that it succeeds and finds its way into many homes in the coming year. I like the idea of playing particular games in VR and it could lead to some interesting game design going forward.

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