GAME issue apology after £234 Super Mario Maker pre-order blunder

Super Mario MakerOh dear, it seems that the United Kingdom’s video game retailer are having a lot of issues when it comes to pre-ordering future releases lately. Following last week’s story in regards to several mis-haps with customers who pre-ordered Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, GAME has been forced to issue yet another apology after messing up a selection of Mario Maker pre-orders.

So what exactly are they apologising for? Well if you’ve pre-ordered Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Wii U through GAME, now might be a good time to double-check your bank balance, especially if you’ve done it recently. As a selection of customers have been charged £234 for their pre-orders, that amounts to five copies of the game, others have still been overcharged, thankfully not as grossly. The issue first came to light when Twitter user “Ragonkai” told Eurogamer: “GAME have charged me 4x for Super Mario Maker, anyone else with this problem.” Another user (G_Obertorn) Tweeted to GAME’s official Twitter page: “Had five email about Mario Maker pre-order and five times money come out. No answering phones either. help!”Super Mario Maker

GAME has now acknowledged the blunder and is working hard to ensure that all customers affected are refunded within the next 24-hours. Though this is the second time this month the retailer has had to rectify issues with their computer systems following last weeks problems with in-correct cancellations of the Collector’s Edition of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain on PS4, that were the result of an error with their system.

Still these things do occasionally happen in retail, and GAME are showing a great approach to customer service in getting these issues sorted as quickly as they are. Still it does at least give us a bit of a talking topic, have you ever had issues of this sort with your retailer of choice? Let us know below!

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