GAME are pushing back some Xbox One Elite Controller Pre-Orders

Xbox One Elite Controller Pre-ordered yourself Microsoft’s shiney new Elite Xbox One Controller? Well apparently you’re not alone… In fact there’s actually quite a few of us, more than Microsoft expected anyway as they’re currently unable to honour all pre-orders on the official launch day of October 27th 2015. As a result GAME retailers across the United Kingdom are having to contact a good portion of those of us who have pre-ordered. Making it the third time GAME have had to contact customers in regards to their pre-orders in the last three months.

News of the blunder comes directly from 4-One Gaming, following a telephone call from the store I have personally pre-ordered the controller from. No we haven’t made it onto their press release list… Yet. Instead it was a courtesy call to let me know what was going on with my pre-order.

According to staff in the store, Microsoft are keeping them in the dark with exactly what’s going on meaning there could be a number of reasons for pushing back the date some people will get their hands on the controller. The mostXbox One Elite Controller likely scenario is, they just didn’t anticipate how many people would want to get their hands on it. But we’ll save all speculation until an official announcement is made. At the time of writing we’re unsure as to how many retailers have been affected by the issue so if you’ve pre-ordered it’s probably worth getting in touch with whatever retailer you’ve given your money to. What I can tell you is that if you’ve pre-ordered via UK retailer GAME, then it’s likely you’ll be receiving a similar phone-call in the not to distant future.

As means of an apology those who have been affected by Microsoft’s mistake are entitled to £5 worth of Credit to spend in the Microsoft store, this will likely be issued through the retailer you have pre-ordered with, on the grounds that your order has been affected… Of course.

Been affected? Let us know below!

[Source: The top lads over at 4-One Gaming]

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