Gabe Newell will mess your shit up in Crawl

CrawlAustralian developers Powerhoof have made Valve owner Gabe Newell into one badass boss for their asymmetrical dungeon crawler Crawl, and he isn’t afraid of beating and cutting your shit into microscopic pieces.

The below gif was shown in a blog post on Powerhoof’s official site from developer Barney Cumming, who seems very excited to finally show it to fans

“I’ve been wanting to animate this for soooo long, [Smiley Face]” Cumming said before showing the gif.

Crawl GabeN

Was that a Shoryuken you saw? Twas indeed!

“I’ve got a few larger monsters too powerful to put in evolve trees, so I’d like to squeeze some into this next update as rare statues like the IRS guy. This has been at the top of my list since the very start [Smiley Face],” Cumming said, ending the post.

We must say, the style and animations are wonderful, and while I haven’t yet, it makes me want to get Crawl and give it a good go, which I haven’t had the chance to yet (feckin’ backlog) .

Even more-so at the fact that this will actually be coming to the game in, most likely, the next update!

“It’s April 2 here in Australia- Gaben is real!”

They are currently unsure when the update will release, but are aiming to have it out as soon as possible, though Gaben is ready to go as he is implemented, just awaiting playtesting and a few tweaks.

Crawl is available on Steam Early Access right now for £6.99/€9.99.

What are your thoughts? Is it as or more glorious as you expected? Let us know below!

[Source: Powerhoof]



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