Friday the 13th: The Game Reaches Kickstarter Goal

Friday the 13thHorror fans looking for something to play with their friends will be delighted to know that Friday the 13th has been successfully funded, passing their goal of $700,000.

Developers Gun Media made the announcement on the Kickstarter page, and are delighted that they can continue to make this game a reality. They also hit several stretch goals too, which will get them to add some more gruesome killing animations to the game.

“Friday the 13th is the definition of horror to the millions of fans around the world,” said developer Gun Media on their Kickstarter page. “A masked killer going after the young and vulnerable; it grabs our attention, it frightens us, and yet we all come back for more. Friday the 13th: The Game will give you the feeling of horror and dread that you expect from Jason Voorhees. This will be the ultimate asymmetrical horror experience unlike anything you’ve seen – a title we’re proud to introduce that is worthy of the name ‘Friday the 13th’.”

Friday the 13th is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where one player gets control of everyones favourite psychotic killer Jason Voorhees, while seven other players, who represent your regular 80’s teen stereotypes or camp counsellors, must work together to avoid him and survive the night.

Some big names are involved in the project, including the original movies director, Sean S. Cunningham and horror special effects artist Tom Savini. Adam Sessler is also involved.

Funding for the project ended… well… Friday the 13th (seriously doubt that is by accident), but the developers will be setting up other ways for those that have missed backing to pledge and help the game get further funding for stretch goals.

“We at Gun, IllFonic and the Horror Legends of Tom Savini, Harry Manfredini, Sean S. Cunningham and Kane Hodder cannot thank you enough for the support that you’ve put in to making this a reality!

“We cannot wait to Unleash Jason Voorhees on each and every one of you”

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