New Friday the 13th Killer trailer is dead good

friday the 13thAt PAX East, a new trailer for Friday the 13th rolled out, showcasing more than 3 minutes of brutal deaths and bloody messes. Will this game cause controversy in the media when it finally launches in 2017, or can we just blame the movies to begin with?

Friday the 13th is a crowd-funded project by Gun Media, who are obviously super fans of the movie and of Jason. They’re taking a risk in a genre that has so far proven to be less than enthusiastic, with the 1 v x number of players. Evolve suffered, Fable Legends was canceled, and Bioware’s Shadow Realms was also canceled. Friday the 13th at least has a longstanding history and this type of gameplay may suit the title favourably.

Jason is motion-captured by Kane Hodder who appeared as Jason 4 times to date, so his likeness will be beaming through this experience. Jason will have heightened hearing and visual senses, and the ability to teleport across the map. How often, we’re not sure, but hopefully this doesn’t get abused to the point of taking the fun out of the game for the campers.

As for the campers, up to seven players can play simultaneously, with Jason being the eighth player. Their goal is to try and escape the camp, or under dire circumstances, work together to take Jason out. While playing as a camper, you can try your best to survive by hiding, but prepare for a few shocks and jumps when he corners you in a room.

While the premise itself seems really cool, I just fear that this game will possibly let fans down. Something about it doesn’t sit right. Will it have wonky, sluggish controls? Will it be fun for a few games then get dull? will it be impossible to stop Jason, or perhaps too easy? Will players quit out of a lobby if they don’t get to be Jason?

Friday the 13th: The Game was due for release late in 2016, but was delayed until an unspecified date in 2017. Halloween would make sense, wouldn’t it? Or perhaps on a Friday, preferably the 13th?

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