Friday the 13th is making a comeback, in the form of a multiplayer game

Friday the 13thYes that’s right, psychopathic, mass-murdering nut job Jason Voorhees is set to make a comeback on Xbox One, PS4 and PC some time in the future. Gun media announced and unveiled the kick-starter earlier today that will go on to fund their previously announced project Slasher Volume 1: Summer Camp, which is now being marketed as “Friday the 13th” following a licensing acquisition from Sean Cunningham, director of the film. The game itself will launch as a “asymmetrical or asynchronous” multiplayer title that will pit one power, machete wielding super killer against a team of seven ’80s teenagers that have to survive. Think of it as a survival horror title without the predictable AI component. Ronnie Hobbs of Gun Media had this to say in regards to the acquisition:

“As you can imagine, the conversion from Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp to Friday the 13th: The Game was a dream come true for our entire team. One versus seven asymmetrical multiplayer is a perfect fit for this franchise, and we can’t wait to share our creation with fans across the world.”Friday the 13th

Back during the early stages of development, Summer Camp had no licensing what so ever and only took influence from the Friday the 13th film. Then when the game was ready to enter into the production phase of developer the team was contacted by Sean Cunningham following correspondence from Gun Media who gifted them a licence based on an earlier vision he had for a Friday the 13th video game.

Friday the 13th film director Sean Cunningham: “We had been talking about doing a game and how to make a game tied to a website and maybe doing some webisodes. But it had to be asymmetrical and it was the idea of putting a player in the shoes of either a camper or of Jason and you can expand that out but that was the core of the way we wanted to do the game – which had never been done or even attempted. We’d heard about Summer Camp and in fact, they had done a whole bunch of research in trying to create something that had that at it’s core. It didn’t have Friday the 13th on top of it and it would be limited but the work they did was exactly the kind of work we needed to do, no matter what we did and we said, Wait a second, maybe there’s a meeting of the minds and can take what they’ve done, what we want to do and this could be Friday the 13tha home run.’ ‘Well how are we going to do that?’ ‘Call them up.’ It was probably more complicated at its core but that was the basic transaction.”

Gun Media are currently looking at getting the game to market during Fall of 2016, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what they have done with the additional backing by then.

[Source: IGN]

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