Free Update 2 arrives for DOOM

doom reviewToday, Bethesda are updating DOOM with its second big update, which adds new content as well two new multiplayer game modes. The update also adds some tremendous tools and fun new capabilities for SnapMap users, which adds unlimited amounts of replay value to the stellar shooter.

The two new game modes are called Exodus and Sector. Exodus is a one-flag capture-the-flag mode with an added twist of constantly moving bases and flags. Sector is an objective-based capture-and-hold mode where players compete to take control of zones and then hold them to score points. Both modes can be played on any existing or future maps.

The Snapmap features added include

  • customizable weapon wheel functionality – so players can carry and select multiple weapons, just like the campaign
  • jump pads with logic to set distance, speed and direction
  • 30 brand-new Hell-themed modules
  • an expanded weapon list
  • a new playable demon – the Mancubus
  • a laundry list of improvements to the Community HUB, editor and logic capabilities

There is also a double XP weekend coming up tomorrow, running from the 29th-31st which was revealed in the above trailer, if you missed it.

Next week, Bethesda will be launching the first premium multiplayer DLC for DOOM called ‘Unto the Evil’. This package includes three new multiplayer maps, a brand-new playable demon called The Harvester, a new weapon (the EMG Mark V pistol), the new Kinetic Mine equipment, a bad-ass robotic armor set with new customization options, new hack modules, taunts and more. Everything in Unto the Evil is usable in all existing maps and modes.

Will we see any additional single player DLC down the line? We don’t know yet, but if there’s enough demand, who knows?

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