Free Mafia 3 racing mode DLC added

mafia 3 racing dlcIf you’re still enjoying your surroundings as well as your empire that you’re building in Mafia 3, then you might be pleased to know that new free DLC has dropped this week, giving you more ways to enjoy yourself and make some money in the process.

Custom Rides and Racing are the order of the day, following last month’s character customization pack. The Mafia 3 website fills us in on what’s being added in the update. “Today, we’re delivering with some seriously cool customizations for Lincoln’s fleet of up to 10 cars. You heard that right, 10: The six you earn through playing the game, the three cars those who own the Family Kick-Back* have access to…and an unlockable 10th car which we’ll get to in a minute.”

Get over to one of the nine Big Rick’s Garage locations around New Bordeaux. From there, start selecting what kind of Decals, Exhausts, Spoilers, Superchargers and Wheels you want on your car. With this content patch, you’ll have over 50 unique customizations for your fleet.

mafia 3 racing

Whether you’re taking tight turns in a sports car or blazing through oncoming traffic in an exotic model, there are 12 races for you to win throughout New Bordeaux – six circuit lap races and six point-to-point races.

The races become available after the first sit-down with all three lieutenants. Whenever you’re cruising around the open world (and not getting chased by the cops), look for the race markers on the map and drive on over in your favorite sports or exotic car.

Some new outfits have been added as well, with one being locked behind a My2K sign up, so get logged in and download that three-piece suit. More car customization opens are also planned for the new year so keep an eye out for further updates.

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