Free FIFA 16 FUT pack for Black Friday

fifa 16 eaEA announced via its Twitter account that as of 10am GMT, a free pack of FIFA 16 Fifa Ultimate Team cards will be available to open. You gotta love Black Friday, eh?

That’s right. You are guaranteed an 85 rated or better loan player. It sounds like it’s just one item in the free pack, which you can’t really feel negative about, as it’s free. Go find out who you have unlocked, and then report back here with your player! Every little helps, as they say in Tesco.

While Black Friday sales are taking place in local shops and on digital storefronts, it’s nice to see studios taking advantage of the possibilities and the day by including in-game discounts and bonuses like this. GTA Online is having a similar Black Friday deal today, offering discounts on apartments and cars, and double payouts for particular game types. Keep it up, developers. Awesome idea.

[Source: Twitter]

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