Forza Horizon 3 Forzathon is all about high speeds

forza horizon 3 forzathonThe third Forza Horizon 3 Forzathon event has kicked off today and is in full swing. After spending the last two weekends in modified D class cars and Japanese drift machines, this week sees us putting our foot down and speeding through Australia.

The third Forzathon, which is live from today, October 17th until the 22nd is called ‘Extreme Speed’. You don’t need a diploma or degree to work out what it involves either. Three challenges are there for the taking, including getting Near Miss skill points of 15,000 XP. Just find a straight road, and zip past as many civilians as possible. Visit three of the many speed cameras and get three stars on them to get yourself some chunk of cash towards some more cars or upgrades, and then take part in a drag race to nab yourself a bonus Unicorn car in the Ford Falcon FG.

forzathon forza horizon extreme speed

Each weekend sees a new Forzathon event taking place, and you can win cars, XP, credits, horns and more. We know what’s scheduled throughout October but if the events are varied enough in the coming months, we’ll be returning to Forza Horizon 3 very regularly.

forzathon october forza horizon 3

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