Forza Motorsport 6: Mobil 1 Car Park

Forza Motorsport 6Forza 6’s December DLC is now available to download in the form of the Mobil 1 Car Pack adding seven cars to the games already impressive roster of vehicles. Each car offers a totally different driving experience within the game and offers something for every type of Forza player, whether you want to race, drift, paint, tune or even just explore via  Forza Vista, there’s something for everyone in the Mobil 1 Car Pack.

Let’s start with the trailer:


So without blabbering on about it, let’s get to the cars. And the Mobil 1 Car Pack starts off strong thanks to itsForza Motorsport 6 headline car, the almighty, 1341 horse power Koenigsegg On, a car that broke down the barriers of what’s physically and technically possible in the world of Motorsport. 0-60 MPH is dealt with in less time than it would take you to spell its name and 0-250 MPH takes just 20 seconds to achieve. However this Godly machine will keep pulling all the way up to 273 MPH. Only six of these cars will ever be made and have already been sold to some of the worlds more lavish spenders, for the rest of us… Owning this car on Forza may be the closest we will ever get.

Forza Motorsport 6Next up is the 2016 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe representing an all new car in the bonkers world of AMG Mercedes. The AMG C63 features a combination of all the worlds best. American Muscle thanks to the 503 Horsepower V8, European Styling all put together in the safe hands of German Engineering.

1990 Chevrolet 30 Douglas Shierson Racing Lola T90/00 is third on the list. This car broke the record for Average Speed back in 1990 during the Indianapolis 500s setting a new record of 185.981MPH. This record lasted for 23 years before it was finally broken in 2013.

The fourth car is the bespoke 1963 Ferrari 250LM. This very car was designed to replace the then outdated Forza Motorsport 6250GTO and, on its debut, set a new bench mark for all when it took 1st and 3rd place at the Le Mans 24 hour. Only 32 models were ever made making this car one of Ferrari’s most treasured creations to dates.

The 1988 Holden VL Commodore Group A SV is up next, a car that was born for the fierce some Bathurst where Ford and Holden meet to do battle. This car quickly sold the 500 models required to take its name to the track so Holden produced a further 250 models just to satisfy the demand of the Australian market. As a result this car is still worth as much today as it was back when it was made back in 1988.

The sixth car to be added to Forza Motrosport 6 is the 1991 Mazda 62 Mazda Motorsport RX-7 a car that had to be weighed down by the governing body of IMSA racing just to balance the grid a little. However the additional 100-pounds added was about as effective as weeing on a forest fire and the Mazda continued to dominate and the Mazda won the several titles that year alone.

Forza Motorsport 6Last but by now means least we have the 1958 Plymouth Fury, a car with such beauty it inspired obsession. Such obsession then inspired Stephen King to write a Horror film titled “Christine”. It’s fair to say the Fury was never going to win any circuit races but that wasn’t the point… Just look at it.

For those of you that are interested in the Mobil 1 Car Pack it is now available to download as part of the season pass or for a stand alone cost of $6.99. Each car is also available to purchase individually.


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