Forza Horizon 3 Forzathon, Nov 11th

Forza Horizon 3 forzathonGentlemen, and ladies, start your engines. It’s time for another weekend of Forzathon action on Forza Horizon 3! This weekend, the focus is on aerial acrobatics, so hit those jumps and get some crazy air! Let’s look at this weekend’s challenges.

Think you got what it takes to do 5 barrel rolls? If successful, you can grab yourself 20,000 credits. Not much, but it’s a challenge nonetheless. I’m not even sure if I’ve ever done a barrel roll in Horizon 3, so I’ll give it a shot at least!

Now for the high-flying antics. Hit three Danger Zone signs and get 3 stars, and you can bag yourself a helpful 100,000 credits. That’s incentive enough for any player, and any adrenaline junkie. This should be fun!

How can it possibly get any better than that? Well, get this! Get 50,000 Ultimate Air points and you can snag yourself THREE free wheelspins! Perhaps you’ll have a lucky break and land on a Horizon Edition motor? Finger’s crossed! There are also some discounts in the garage, which you can find via the tab in the Horizon hub when you drop into the game. Go on, treat yourself this weekend!

forzathon aerial acrobatics

If you’re new to Forza Horizon or have yet to try it on PC or Xbox One, you can check out a demo for either platform by clicking the links.

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