Forza Horizon 3’s Forzathon kicks off today

forza horizon 3The first Forza Horizon 3 Forzathon has begun since the game’s launch, and for the next two days, it’s all about the D. The D class of cars, that is. A number of challenges await players this weekend, offering new horns to unlock for your cars.

The focus is on D cars that have been upgraded to a higher level, be it C class, B class or higher, if you can get it up to those classes. Take part in Online Adventures, Infected and Flag Rush playground games, and you can unlock one of three new car horns for your horn selection. Naughty.

forza horizon forzathonThere are also discounts on a selection of D class motors, which you will be able to find in the Autoshop under ‘Promotions’, if I remember correctly. It has been locked out until today, but any special offers should appear in here during Forzathons.

Playground Games have also detailed the rest of October’s Forzathons, so here’s a few weekends to look forward to!

forzathon october

Come driving with us later on. Feel free to follow ‘Jorn the Eejit’ and ‘PrimalBanana’ on Xbox One or Windows 10, and let’s do some racing! Also, be sure to join the 4-One Gaming Club from the Clubs menu!

If you have yet to pick up Forza Horizon 3, why not read our detailed review?

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