Forza Horizon 3 demo release date spotted

Forza Horizon 3One of the biggest reveals of this year’s Microsoft E3 conference was of course the announcement of Forza Horizon 3 set to follow the ongoing tradition of bi-annual releases for the open world spin-off from the Forza Motorsport series. The third game in the series will be based in Australia and while the official release date for the game is just a matter of weeks away, fans will first get to experience a small portion of the game well before the full game releases.

While Microsoft, Turn 10 or Playground Games have yet to announce anything in terms of an official release date for the demo, it’s still somehow managed to work its way onto the store page along with the release date of September 11th, going live at 8pm EST.

There’s nothing to suggest what will be included in the demo, but if we’ve learned anything from previous Forza Horizon games players should get to experience a very small portion of what should be a pretty impressively sized map and one exotic vehicle. Typically in the past, it’s the vehicle featured on the box art. Forza Horizon 3

For me personally, getting to check the game out before I commit to buy is a pretty big deal, despite being a huge Forza fan I have quite a lot of reservations speculating around Forza Horizon 3 and would relish the opportunity to experience the game before I commit to making a purchase. Especially given that recently Forza titles have been littered with post launch DLC, some of which is not covered by the initial launch day season pass.

Download size for the demo is 18.34GB and as of yet we have absolutely zero reason to believe that Windows 10 users will also be getting a demo. However we won’t actually be able to confirm anything until we’ve had something that resembles an official announcement.

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