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    Sean Gearhart

    I just read Top Gear as we know it is finished. Clarkson has been officially fired and Hammond and May don’t sound positive on continuing. They have continually maintained they are a “package deal”. Seems to me the BBC just screwed themselves over?! What do you guys think? Good move to fire Clarkson or over reaction to something that could have been dealt with between Clarkson and the producer? Personally, I think it’s complete BS. If they wanted to fire him he has done far worse in the past and been slapped on the wrist for it.


    The BBC are in meltdown and run by idiots, for me I never watched Top Gear as i’m not a fan of it, but to sack someone as popular as Clarkson for something so little is beyond moronic.


    I don’t think the BBC really had much choice. He physically assaulted another member of staff and only stopped because a witness intervened. Popular or not you can’t just ignore something like that. If it happened in any other work place there would have been no discussion on the matter.

    That said I reckon Channel 4 or the like will swoop in when the contracts for May and Hammond are up and the show will be revived in some format.

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    Sean Gearhart

    Katherine, I have to concede that fact. He did assault someone and that can’t go unaddressed.


    Rob Pearce

    Top hear has been rebooted before, wasn’t. Bbc had little choice but to let him go, I’m sure it’ll be back. Personally I felt it was getting a bit tired and too dramatised these days so in that sense a fresh start will be welcome.

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