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    Post your Super Mario Maker levels here and let the wonderful 4-One community enjoy your levels and maybe get some tips and feedback to help you become an even better designer.

    Here’s a few of mine to get the ball rolling and I’ll be sure to add to this each time I create a new one.

    0F9F-0000-0016-FC65 – “Don’t Trample the Flower Beds!”
    4FA2-0000-0021-A8C5 – “Blockception”
    6D2A-0000-002D-7F17 – “Cheep Tricks”
    F005-0000-0038-B7A3 – “Squid on a Spike”
    4258-0000-0051-2693 – “Tough Choices”
    0945-0000-0057-48F8 – “Big Boo’s Boardinghouse”

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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