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    No, i’m not talking about stuff like stats or leveling up skills, but more like “Pretending to be the character you control”.

    A few minutes ago before it crashed on me, i was playing Insurgency and i was imagining myself shouting orders, commands, status reports (“Going towards B, over”, “We’re under fire!”), i can’t do that irl and talking out loud on the mic because there’s always people with me in the house and i get a bit nervous >.<

    Has anyone done this? which game? was it fun? i could start a Youtube Channel or Twitch stream based off this.


    Rob Pearce

    DayZ really drew me in, I’m not a fan.of talking on the mics so when I came across other players who actually refrained from shooting me in the face I’d often come up with some story etc for my “character”. Similarly in Kerbal Space Program it’s very easy to get drawn into the game and imagine you are really doing life and death orbital manoeuvres etc. I find on xbox though I don’t do it as much as on PC games you can make a fool out of yourself then change your identity if you wanted. On live it’s not so easy.


    Rob Pearce

    Actually to quickly add, some of the best YouTube do this, stampylongnose, frankieonpcin1080p (DayZ series) and they’ve been very very successful. Worth giving it a go if you are thinking about it.


    Fiona Byrne

    I do it in GTA for a laugh sometimes. Get my character drunk and then slur all my words for example haha 😛 I haven’t done it in World of Warcraft or any RPGs, although I think it’d be funny to try roleplay a troll and try to keep a Jamaican accent for a whole game!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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