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    Fiona Byrne

    A place for all members to make their introductions, make friends and get to know one another!


    Fiona Byrne

    Greetings humans. I’m Fiona, admin here at 4-One, student, gamer, fantasy and sci fi nut. Open to most genres of games but I have much love for retro PC gaming, RPGs and really stupid humour.


    Jorn Pedersen

    Hello all! I’m Jornny, one of the masterminds behind this venture, and I just want to say thank you for checking us out, and thank you for following 4-One Gaming! Currently watching Gotham, really starting to love it, and can’t stop playing GTA Online with friends! If only the network was more stable at times….

    Profile photo of Steve Bets
    Steve Bets

    Hey, I’m Steve. I’ve been gaming since 1990. I grew up playing Nintendo and Sony consoles then I moved onto Microsoft. Currently I’m back with Nintendo and Sony with the 3DS and PS4 and playing Pokémon Omega Ruby, Majoras Mask, Battlefield Hardline and waiting for Bloodborne 🙂

    Profile photo of Adam Jones
    Adam Jones

    Hello my names Adam and i’ve been gaming for as long as i can remember, back in the nineties with the megadrive and snes. Currently on xbox one but do hope to get a ps4 in the near future. I enjoy all genres of games really but i do prefer the single player stories over the online multiplayer.

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    Zach Sears

    Good day y’all, resident American Zach here. I run a video game racing outfit called EIR (Excellence in Racing). We have a great community of racers and our main goal is to have some good laughs playing games together. My gaming roots can be traced back to the mighty Commodore 64 and while the racing is my bread and butter, retro PC and console games are my favorite. Hit me up on xbl (EIR slingbun).


    Jorn Pedersen

    I’m going to post a link to your Facebook page here, Zach. // Great to see a few of you posting in here! Welcome!


    Fiona Byrne


    Profile photo of Dave McKilligin
    Dave McKilligin

    Good Morrow to you all, My name is Dave. I have been playing video games my whole life from when i was a little kid on the Nintendo 64.(Pokemon Snap, Goldeneye and a little gem called Jet Force Gemini!).

    Now I spend my days playing a range of games on my Xbox One and Wii U. Im generally up for a chat and laugh with anyone so just send me over a message :).

    Profile photo of Sean Gearhart
    Sean Gearhart

    What’s up all! Sean here. I’m 33, married with two kids. Been gaming since the late 80’s. Really started hardcore gaming in the middle to late 90’s. Always been an Xbox gamer. Hardcore Gears of War player and all around Bioware fanatic! 😉 I’ll play just about anything though!


    I’m Kat and I’m another of the 4-One team. I can’t truthfully remember when I started gaming but I have vague memories of playing Barbarian on the amstrad at an early age. I now own all systems but primarily play on PlayStation 4 and Wii U and tend to play a lot of bizarre Japanese titles when I’m not wrapped up in an RPG.

    Profile photo of Chris Daly
    Chris Daly

    Glorious greetings!

    My name is Chris, I’m 22 and currently in college. I’ve been gaming, like most people, for as long as I can remember. My first proper memory is Doom for the PS1. I enjoy a wide range of genres, mainly RPGs, FPSs, MMOs and MOBAs. Mainly a PC gamer, but PS3 close behind.

    Besides gaming, I adore music, picture/video editing and reading.

    See yeah around 😀


    Rob Pearce

    Hi all, my name is Rob. I’m very nearly 32, for a living I drive trains, for fun I play games. I’m married with 3 kids, all of whom love computer games. I’ve been a gamer since the late 80s playing NES, SNES, SEGA master system,Acorn PC and spending hours in the arcades.I got seriously into gaming when I bought my first console with my own money which was an N64. I always loved games but when you buy with your own hard earned cash they seem much more satisfying. After that I’ve had pretty much every Playstation, xbox Nintendo systems that were released.I currently have XboxOne, PS4,WIIU and a PC although I mostly play MP games on the XboxOne.

    Profile photo of Jerry Wise
    Jerry Wise

    Hey everyone my name is Jerry, I’m a 37 year old “yank” living in the sunny southeast of Ireland, married with two daughters. I’ve been gaming since the Atari and have pretty much owned all consoles since. I’m interested in military history, Wrestling, Icehockey, football NFL, and building model’s. I currently own both Xbox One and a PS4. I enjoy FPS’s, some RPG’s and Simulators. I am currently playing AC Unity, the Last of Us, War Thunder, Halo Master chief, and a whole slew of other games.

    Profile photo of Donovan Ray
    Donovan Ray

    Yo, My name’s Donovan. I’m probably one of the young’uns here, considering the fact I’m 14, but I’m already thinking like a bit of a matured fella.

    I grew up playing the gameboy sp, until my systems evolved and evolved. Managed to play a PS2, Wii, Xbox, although they’ve disappeared today :/
    I currently own a PS3, 3DS, and this laptop; and i discovered this page around last year when i was browsing in some gaming page.

    I really don’t have that much to tell, but I’m glad there’s a place.. er, site like this; can’t actually explain it. Just. Whatever, 4-One Gaming is amazing.
    Nice to meet y’all!

    Praise thy Hybrid Gaming Race! Peace and Harmony with no conflicts!

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