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    Jorn Pedersen

    Following this week’s story about Steam allowing mod creators to sell their work (, we want to know, what do YOU guys think? Can you see make a fair argument for both sides?


    Rob Pearce

    Mods should be free. I don’t see any benefit to charging for them.


    Rob Pearce

    Games like Kerbal Space program and Arma thrive on community mods. DayZ was born from a mod and now has a standalone game in development. It wouldn’t have been as successful were it not so accessible to so many.


    Fiona Byrne

    I think it was a bad move by Valve and it seems quite poorly thought out. First of all, it should be noted that there is a donation system in place on Nexus. When a mod has been downloaded over 1000 times the donation button gets added to their page. The choice to pay them is already there.

    There’s also consumer rights issues that Valve seemed to have overlooked. When you purchase a product it should work as expected. Mods are tricky like this and some don’t play well together. There are also some mods that are dependent on others, they’re not standalone at all. To make the system compliant with consumer rights there could be a lot of red tape added that is restrictive to modders.

    Inter-dependencies. There has been some controversy lately involving the author of one of my favorite Skyrim mods Frostfall. One of Chesko’s mods depended on another mod. The author of this mod got upset, there was much drama. Chesko has no pulled all his work off the Steam Workshop and is considering quitting and pulling his stuff off the Nexus as well. It’s a total mess.

    If you want to see what it looks like on the inside, you can read a fairly lengthy blog post by Dark0ne (Robin Scott) who is an Admin on the Nexus here . You can also view the Reddit thread where Chesko announced he was pulling his work here, Robin also replies to Chesko from within this thread. Chesko took a dig at the Nexus in his original post because they are listed as a service provider, a portion of the money coming from the paid for mod can go to the Nexus. This comes from Valve’s cut of the price. Chesko believed that Robin said he was fully against paid for mods but is now taking a cut. Robin rejected this notion that he was against paid for mods but that the Nexus would remain free.

    It’s really complicated and very messy at the moment. Already we have a prominent modder saying he’s quitting. He has deleted his twitter, his reddit and removed his content from Steam. So far this decision by Valve has done nothing but upset people and cause trouble. I don’t see these issues as teething problems that will get ironed out in the coming months. I can only see it getting worse.

    For those of you who mod through Steam I may do a post or forum topic on easy ways to mod without going near Steam. I think everyone should move away from the workshop\curators workshop until this gets fixed and if you wish to donate to the author do so on the Nexus.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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