Former BioWare Devs Soon Launching Mooncrest Kickstarter

Mooncrest Concept ArtAustin, Texas based KnightMayor, made up of former BioWare Developers, are getting ready to launch their first Kickstarter for a new RPG by the name of Mooncrest.

Players still have a lot of love for old style RPG’s. as we have seen with the resurgence of them in recent years like Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity, and KnightMayor are hoping to bring back a little bit more of that, but with more “modern combat design philosophies.”

“At KnightMayor, we want to create an experience that will hit players on three levels,” said the company on a website post. “We want you to exercise your mind, challenge you with the gameplay, and engage you with our characters. Our main goal is to produce exciting games that bridge the gap between AAA studio quality and indie studio values.”

KnightMayor recently met with 360 Studios to talk about creating a video for the Kickstarter campain,

The KnightMayor team have quite a few great AAA games on their portfolios, including Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic, so if it is experience you are worried about, these guys have loads.

So far we haven’t seen much outside some awesome concept art as you can see in this Q+A session, but come the Kickstarter launch we should have a much clearer idea of what this game will be like.

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