FlatOut series making a return in 2016

flatoutThe race ’em up, crash ’em racing series, FlatOut is set to make a return in the future, with Strategy First and Kylotonn Entertainment working together to bring it back. The last version of the game released in 2011 on PC, but before that, it was 2007 when we last had a console port of the title, in the form of Ultimate Carnage.

Not to be mistaken with Fallout, although FlatOut won’t release this year, the developers want to invite the online community to assist with generating ideas and taking in as much feedback and suggestions as possible, to give the fans what they want. In 2007, FlatOut Ultimate Carnage had some great ideas, races and modes, but the handling of the vehicles were like shopping trolleys on ice. Let’s hope that is the first issue thats addressed.

“FlatOut is our most important franchise. There is a strong vocal community that have numerous constructive ideas and suggestions on what they would like to experience in an all new FlatOut. We would like to invite anyone who is a fan of FlatOut to be part of the process. We are excited about our partnership with Kylotonn Entertainment“, says Strategy First Director Emanuel Wall.

One of the best aspects of FlatOut was its minigames. One of these stand out most, requiring you to drive down a ramp before launching your driver through the windscreen, to hit a target on the other side of the arena. It was a great little game to be enjoyed with friends, and more of that, along with the Destruction Derby-like racing please!

“Strategy First and Kylotonn will create an exciting FlatOut experience. The online game community will still have everything that originally made FlatOut such a great title. While at the same time we here at Kylotonn will introduce and create new experiences and moments that we think people will love,“ says Roman Vincent, Director of Kylotonn Entertainment.

FlatOut will be made for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and more, and will release sometime in 2016.

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