First look at console mods for Fallout 4

fallout 4 survival modeMods for Fallout 4 will soon be making their way to consoles. First up is the Xbox One, with mods soon to follow on PlayStation 4. Check out some of them below in this new video featuring Major Nelson.

It’s a very interesting idea, with Fallout 4 being the first console game to allow mods. Community created content such as textures, weapons, environments, dialogue and more. All you have to do once the update arrives is browse the mods from the main menu and seek out whatever sounds the most interesting and most valuable to you. Best of all, mods will be free, and you can expect some great additions in the future. Just don’t expect higher framerate mods! 😉

Console mods for Xbox One will hit Fallout 4 in June, and arriving about a month later on PlayStation 4. I’m looking forward to see what people create for the open world adventure.

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