First Imirt ‘Town Hall Meeting’ takes place

imirtJune 30th 2015, a day for Irish game developers to remember, when Imirt holds its first official meeting for game developers, whether analog or digital. The ‘Town Hall meeting’ took place in the Odessa Club in Dublin’s city centre, Ireland. ‘Imirt’ is the Irish verb for play, or playing.

The Irish Game Makers Association represents game makers from all disciplines throughout Ireland, both analog and digital. The Irish game industry is thriving, passionate and driven and is comprised of everyone from award-winning freelance game makers to massive multi-national companies like Demonware, Blizzard, Activision, Bethesda and Zynga. The goal of Imirt is to increase awareness of Ireland’s game makers on the national and international stage while providing opportunities for networking, community growth and development.”

imirt attendance
First Imirt Town Hall Meeting Attendees

The initiative was set up as a way to create a unified body to promote game design and creation in Ireland, and create a sense of public pride in local development. Gaming is a massive industry worldwide, and Ireland has some fantastic talent, and interest in game development is growing rapidly.

Imirt envisions a collaboration with developers around the country, as well as colleges and education programs, to bring awareness to the newfound body, and to encourage more press, cultural awareness, business and opportunities for a thriving industry.

The main principles behind Imirt involve giving the creators and designers full control over their own work, with no intention of interfering with creativity. As Imirt grows, one of the first milestones will involve trying to raise enough funding to attend GDC next year, to promote games created solely by Irish talent.

On Tuesday, those who attended the Town Hall Meeting could choose to sign up as founding members, making an annual donation, allowing them to vote on future topics and movements. In the near future, a board will be chosen to represent Imirt, with the current Steering Committee made up mostly of homegrown game designers and creators, listed below.

imirt steering committee
Imirt Steering Committee

Paul Conway – DoomCube

Chris Gregan – Fungus Games

John Halloran – SixMinute

Owen Harris – bitSmith Games

Dave McCabe – DaveTheAllThing

John O’Kane – Snozbot

Elaine Reynolds – Simteractive

Brenda Romero – Romero Games


    1. Kevin O'Connell ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Brenda Romero as in John Romero’s wife. Both have been very enthusiastic and supportive of the Irish games industry. They have spent a lot of time in the country giving talks at colleges and visiting games companies.

      I had the pleasure of meeting them September last year at Trallee IT. By far the best 3 days of college. Learned far more in those 3 days than my 3 years there.

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