Firestorm joins the growing Injustice 2 roster

injustice 2 firestormFirestorm, a DC Comics character I admittedly only came about knowing via The CW’s Flash late last year is coming to Injustice 2. A new trailer was released by Netherrealm, showing him kick the heads off of Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Gre… Catwoman.

Firestorm came about in 1978, and heralding back to its original character make up in The Flash on TV, featured Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein. Both men were joined together on a nuclear level to create the character, who alone were just mere men.

Firestorm, as if it isn’t obvious enough by the title, makes use of fire-based attacks, and can use the powerful force of it to carry his/their own weight, meaning they have the ability to fly. The new Injustice 2 gameplay shows him/them in action, and the visuals of the game continue to amaze me. You know, I might just turn off the health bars when playing it at launch!

Injustice 2 hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16th.

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