Fire Emblem Heroes Announced for Mobile, Fire Emblem Warriors Gets 3DS Release

fire emblem heroesNintendo has been firing on all cylinders for future releases. Chief among priorities was a Fire Emblem mobile game that will release on Android and IOS February 2nd. Each map will be an 8×6 grid built for smartphones as players will utilize traditional Fire Emblem controls along with the weapon triangle made famous by the series. layers will take on the role of a summoner and summon characters from various Fire Emblem games in the franchise to build their team.

A duel mode will also be available for the game upon release. “Hero Battles” lets you face and defeat heroes and has the player convincing defeated foes to join as allies. “Arena Duels” lets you fight against players from around the world. Like Super Mario Run. Fire Emblem: Heroes will require an internet connection to play.

It was also revealed today that Koei Techmo Games’ “Fire Emblem: Warriors” will be getting a 3DS version alongside its Nintendo Switch counterpart. This game continues Techmo’s games influenced by their signature series (Dynasty Warriors) and being applied to Nintendo titles (Hyrule Warriors being their most recent collaboration with Nintendo). Expect Fire Emblem: Warriors to release on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS sometime Fall 2017.

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