‘Squadvertiser’ lets you find or advertise a Halo 5 squad

squadvertiserBetween ‘Drivatar’, ‘Levolution’ and other modern gaming lingo, a new one joins the fold today with the announcement of Halo 5’s ‘Squadvertiser‘. Yes, you can now search for players looking to build a squad, or make an advertisement to seek players to join your lineup.

The app requires you to enter a few quick details, such as your squad name, you minimum requirements in ranking and headset usage, and your gaming region. Then you can apply a background and a mission statement along with some other bits of information. Once done, you can share your advert via social media or a blog post, or in an article like I have done below. If you don’t fancy creating a squad advertisement, just log in with your gamertag and search the job listings created by others, and join them.

It’s a simple little feature and a good way to build up a squad with friends and strangers before Halo 5 Guardians launches on October 27th, which is only 4 days away at this stage! Get to it, and have a bit of fun with the Squadvertiser app. What do you think of my advert below? Would you consider joining 4-One, or do you have your own squad to play with?


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