Final Fantasy XV season pass to include six DLC packs

xv season passIt was previously announced that a Final Fantasy XV season pass was happening and now we have a little more detail about what’s included and how much it will set you back. While some may be excited for the game and at the prospect of extra goodies, I find it hard to see a positive side to this.

First things first, the details. Buyers will be able to pick up a Digital Premium Edition that will will come with the six DLC packages. These are (currently) named as:

  • Booster Pack
  • Episode Gladio
  • Holiday Pack
  • Episode Ignis
  • Episode Prompto
  • Expansion Pack

All are a work in progress, so expect these names to change. This version of the game will set you back $84.99. If you want to upgrade after buying the base game it will cost $24.99 for the DLC. There is also some differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions with PS4 players getting¬† a Final Fantasy XV “Big Bang” theme in addition to a Digital Mini Sound Track and a Digital Premium Edition Original Theme, and Xbox One players getting Noctis male and female costume for avatars as well as a Carbuncle pet prop.

You might be thinking “that’s not much for a season pass, not much to complain about here.” It’s 2016 and we have grown accustomed to season passes. Most of us have bought one at some stage without giving it much thought. The thing is, there has never been this kind of DLC offering in a major Final Fantasy release. It’s yet another announcement that has left me baffled and disappointed at the next installment in the series. People argue that they are trying to make Final Fantasy move with the times. There has been comments about players not liking a medieval setting, men not being able to act normal or bond in the presence of women, questioning the addition of moogles (I mean, really SE..). Then there’s the hack and slash combat, the car, the brooding, rebellious characters with scene hair, and now a season pass.

This isn’t about the cost of the pass. As someone who subscribes to FF14 and has been known to waste money on mogstation to make my Lalafell look as pretty as possible, I can’t exactly complain about the price. It’s more about it not feeling like a Final Fantasy release to me and this DLC seems sorely out of place for a Final Fantasy game. I mean, a booster pack?

I of course, will buy Final Fantasy XV, and like Ramuh (sans epic beard), will reserve my judgement bolt until after I’ve played through the game. Right now it’s hard to be excited about what I’ve seen so far. Except for chocobo drifting and this little carbuncle… Squeee

xv season pass

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