Final Fantasy XV demo now available

platinum demo final fantasy xvA Final Fantasy XV demo is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to download. ‘Platinum Demo’ whisks players away to a fragmented dreamscape, introducing an original story with a few unique twists. Join young Noctis and his magical guide as you explore the fantastical world of his dreams.

The demo seemingly takes place in a dream sequence of Noctis, and may be gameplay unfound in the full release this September. Think of it as a similar demo to Metal Gear Solid V’s Ground Zeroes, albeit free in comparison. The demo will introduce you to your pet sidekick who looks to undergo a bit of a transformation throughout. There will be some exploring to do in various environments, as well as some combat, giving you the chance to try out the new title’s mechanics. The demo comes in at under 5Gb so it shouldn’t be big of a demo, but still, it’s better than nothing.

It might not appear directly in the games marketplaces but give it a quick search and it should pop up.

[Source: Youtube]

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