Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Gears of Change

final fantasyThe latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV has been out since the 23rd. I give a short run down some of the changes and what to expect in the current update to the MMORPG.

Finally the next major patch has landed and we got a brief, yet significant update to the story as well as a host of new goodies to keep us entertained.

“Truth. Peace. Reformation. These were the keys to Ishgard’s salvation. So believed Ser Aymeric, acting ruler of the Holy See. However, not all shared in his dream, and in his headlong rush to unite man and dragon once more, those still bound by the fetters of the past rose up to defend their nation against the forces they feared would destroy it.

Yet change─that great, inexorable wave─was upon them, and soon all of Ishgard would bend to its will.”final fantasy

  • The Heavensward story has progressed and we get a look in to what has become of some of the scions. This is content I have already completed and found it an engaging addition to the already enjoyable Heavensward storyline with ups, downs and twists. On completion of the main story quests you are rewarded with two new emotes “battle stance” and “victory pose” which are unique to each class. I have to say, I played around with these for quite a while and they make some great screenshots.
  • final fantasyThere are two new dungeons included in the Final Fantasy XIV patch. The Antitower and The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard). Both of these dungeons were great and had some interesting mechanics. For those still needing to gear up a bit the dungeons drop i195 gear. Not just that, but you can get creepy doll minions (a FFIV easter egg) from the Antitower and a really pretty butterfly minion from The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard). Good luck on your drops, I haven’t been so lucky. However,  of these dungeons is also in the main story quest line and rewards everyone a different minion so you can get one faithful follower until you get those drops.
  • As far as content like dungeons go, there is a new trial as part of the Warring Triad series of fights. These are a throwback to the characters fans will know from FFVI. The first of the Triad we face is Sephirot. Once this is defeated you will unlock the extreme mode of the encounter which drops i220 weapons.
  • The Alexander Midas raid has also been added and is a follow on to the story of the Alexander Gordias and features MORE GOBBIES! YAY! *cough* Gobbie excitement aside, I have yet to do any of the floors of this but I am looking forward to doing so this evening and hopefully getting my hands on some of that i220 gear.
  • Rejoice all fans of mystery and intrigue, our favour inspector is back with his faithful assistant Nashu! The quests added for Hildibrand were a blast, but disappointingly short. Hopefully the next minor patch will add to the new Hildi quests. We missed him so! final fantasy
  • More beast quests got added with these patch. Those hideously adorable bugs the Vath are there to keep you busy and earn you XP, money, and items for your relic. They also sell chocobo feed that enhances your chocobo’s stats.
  • The mentor system has been implemented and those who wish to give a helping hand to sprouts as they start the game can now do so.
  • New tomestones of lore are in, and laws are out. Lore tomestones can be spent on the new primal based gear in Idyllshire where there has been a host of changes.
  • There is also a new form of PvP known as “The Feast” with new rules. It features 8v8 and 4v4 ranked and unranked matches.
  • Some other items to look out for are the Orchestron (a jukebox type item), craftable gear and minions, and new hairstyles amongst other things.

I’ve only touched on this massive Final Fantasy XIV patch, so for the entire rundown you can have a read of the full patch notes on the lodestone, or start a thread in our forums. A few of us play so if you’d like to join us let us know!


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