Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Launches Today

Heavensward_1en-01The first paid expansion for Square Enix’s popular MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, released today bringing a wealth of new content to the already substantial game. Heavensward sees the Warrior of Light head to the nation of Ishgard and its floating islands and includes an expanded story, a new playable race, new classes, new dungeons, new primals, new beastmen, an increased level cap, and plenty of new areas to explore.

The expansion costs €/$39.99 for the standard edition, €/$59.99 for the digital collector’s edition, and €/$129.99 for the physical collector’s edition. Unfortunately it seems that the expansion is tied to the system and not the player account meaning if you play on both PC and PlayStation you may want to consider getting a copy for both versions. The expansion does however provide plenty of bang for your buck so if you’re wondering just what you get with Heavensward then read on.

New Story: The story in Heavensward continues where the base game left off. This does mean that if you haven’t yet completed the main questline then now is the time to do so as you won’t have access to the new content until completing the main story up to patch 2.55.

New Race: The long awaited Au Ra are now available as a playable race. A horned Hyur like race believed to from the Far Eastern Au Racontintent of Othard some believe the Au Ra to be the progeny of dragons. As with all races in Final Fantasy XIV they are split into two groups, the Raen and the Xaela. The Raen are said to take after the Dawn Father with their white scales boasting of their divine heritage. They are a peaceful group who abandoned their nomadic ways to settle into a life of solitude. The free-spirited Xaela take after the Dusk Mother and are notable for their black scales. Unlike the Raen they have maintained their nomadic lifestyle, living in hunting tribes that often war with one another.

New Classes:
Dark Knight: The Dark Knight is a new tank class that wields a greatsword and uses the power of darkness making it the first magic based tank in them game. Unlike the Paladin and Warrior it does not have a base class and instead starts from level 30. A valiant few take up arms to defend the downtrodden, and not even the holy priests and knights can escape their judgment. Pariahs in their own land, they are known by many as “dark knights.”
These sentinels bear no shields declaring their allegiance. Instead, their greatswords act as beacons to guide the meek through darkness.
”Asrtologian: The Astrologian  is the new healer class who uses a star globe. Like the Dark Knight it does not have a base class but dark knightinstead starts at level 30. The class has two stances that can be swapped between, a healing stance and a barrier stance. This should see them work well to compliment wither of the pre-existing healer classes of Scholar and White Mage. By attuning their aetherial energies to that of constellations, they learned to wield magicks with heretofore unseen properties.
Thus was astromancy born—a new form of magick which grants its users power over fate. Employing a star globe and divining deck in their miraculous deeds, fortune always smiles upon these masters of arcana.

Machinist: This new DPS class has been eagerly anticipated from fans who have wanted to wield guns with all the flair of Limsa Lominsa’s enigmatic leader Admiral Merlywb. The Machinist main weapon is a firearm but they can also take on a more supportive role by deploying turrets to buff allies, debuff enemies, or of course to deal damage. Following the example of Cid Garlond, who has demonstrated the potency of magitek, the Skysteel Manufactory works tirelessly on the development of advanced armaments. As new and devastating weapons are brought to the fray, a new class of champion arises to wield them―the machinist.

New Dungeons/Beast Tribes/Primals: Detailing these could pose some spoilers so we’ll leave this with a simple fact. Heavensward contains a total of 8 new dungeons, 2 new beast tribes and of course 2 corresponding Primals to be defeated. It also contains another 8-player raid against Alexander however this isn’t available just yet.

New Areas: The expansion opens up three new areas, each broken down into a number of smaller areas. First is the Holy See of HeavenswardIshgard whose army of Dragoons are locked in battle with their mortal enemies, the dragons. Then there are the mountains of Dravania, a land styled after the dragons who call it home. Finally there is Abalathia and the Sea of Clouds, the floating islands that have been uncovered with the advancement of airship technology.

Others: Other minor additions are also included in the expansion, most notably the increased level cap (now maxing at 60) and the addition of several flying mounts. If you’re in a Free Company you will also have the opportunity to help build a Free Company airship. Crafting and gathering classes also have some new gameplay mechanics that will hopefully see them become a more rewarding pursuit.

You can check out the launch trailer below.

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