Final Fantasy XIV – 3.1 Update releases on Nov 10th

HeavenswardFollowing the release of the first full expansion for Final Fantasy XIV it was always going to be a somewhat long wait before the next large update but it’s finally been given a release date. On November 10th the game will be getting a large chunk of new content.

Here’s what new content players can expect;

Exploratory Missions – The Diadem
The new exploratory missions in the diadem will be available both for combat classes and gathering classes with each mission lasting up to 90 minutes. Each instance of the islands will hold up to 72 players (9 full raiding parties).

Gold Saucer – Lords of Verminion
Square Enix fans may be aware of their 2008 card strategy game, Lords of Vermilion. With a spin off MOBA version of the game due out this year they’ve decided to create a new mini MOBA in Final Fantasy XIV. Over at the Manderville Gold Saucer you’ll finally find a use for all those minions you’ve collected as they fight it out in a battle arena. There’s still time to hit the market boards and pick up some of the ones you’re missing.

Dungeon – Saint Mocianne’s ArboretumSaint Mocianne
Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum is a new level 60 dungeon with an ilvl 170 prerequisite. “Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum was once home to the greatest collection of flora and fauna the realm had ever known. Alas, in the wake of the Exodus it has since been abandoned, the teeming life within now roaming the halls with reckless abandon. A band of treasure hunters would pierce the heart of this leafy labyrinth in search of treasure, a treasure they claim would be a boon to Idyllshire. But will this savage garden yield fortune, or folly?”. The raid requires a 4 player party.

Dungeon – Pharos Sirius (Hard)
One of the most difficult dungeons back in the early days, Pharos Sirius is finally getting its turn at Hard Mode. The dungeon has a level 60 requirement with an ilvl of 170. “With the siren banished from Pharos Sirius, reconstruction of the lighthouse is well under way. Or rather, it was, until an order of kobolds forced workers to evacuate. The Maelstrom has been swift to plan a retaking of the tower, but time is of the essence. The kobolds’ love for explosives will surely spell destruction if the beastmen are not purged with utmost haste. Once again, Limsa Lominsa asks for your aid. Descend to the depths of the tower this time, and assist in defusing the kobold threat.”. This raid will also require a 4 player party.

Beast Tribe QuestsVanu Vanu
There’s a new beast tribe in town and the Vanu Vanu are set to be your new friends. The birdmen reside in the floating islands and worship the Primal Bismarck. Win over their trust and you might just land yourself a nice new mount.

New Hairstyles
While there are plenty of new hairstyles being introduced it’s the idea of Afro Lalafell that makes this patch perfect.

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign
A team of eight will have to tackle the new Extreme edition of King Thordan in this new level 60 trial.

The Void Ark
It was only a matter of time before the Sky Pirates arrive and they bring with them rumours of a ghost ship filled with all sorts of evil. The void ark is the new 24 player raid for lvl 60 characters with an ilvl of 175 or above. Your reward for completing it will be some nice new high level gear.

Main Story Quests
Last but not least is the continuation of the superb main story.

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