FIFA is gay propaganda, says Russia MPs

FIFA 17 playstationEA has been targeted by Russian politicians, again, this time over FIFA 17, and its ‘promotion of gay-propaganda’. EA involve themselves in multiple LGBT events because gaming is for everyone, but Russia beg to differ.

According to MCV UK, “The Guardian reports that several Russian MPs have contacted the state communications oversight agency and requested it take action against FIFA 17 owing to its support of the Rainbow Laces gay rights campaign.

EA made a kit available for free to download in FIFA Ultimate Team during November, which you can see below. It is to raise awareness for equal rights, but even in the comments of the actual tweet, you can see how much disgust there is towards the initiative, and LGBT community.

Russian MP Irina Rodnina, a former figure skater who won three Olympic gold medals for the Soviet Union says that “Every state has its internal laws and order; they need to be obeyed.”

This could lead to FIFA 17, and future FIFA titles being banned in Russia. It’s not the first time that EA has been in this situation before, with The Sims 4 receiving an 18+ rating in the country due to its inclusion of potential gay relationships. The world we live in, eh?

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