FIFA 17 will be partially restricted on EA Access trial

fifa 17 coverThis week, the FIFA 17 demo started doing the rounds, and we have since learned more about its offerings on the Xbox One’s EA Access service. Initially, EA announced that players would only have access to FIFA Ultimate Team and some of The Journey for the 10 hour trial, leaving fans furious and rather unsettled. However, this seems to have changed as of yesterday.

EA Access, which offers nearly 20 free titles in its Vault for paying subscribers came under a bit of fire recently when it was announced that Titanfall 2 wouldn’t offer a 10 hour trial, despite being published by EA. All EA titles thus far have offered subscribers a trial, and early access too. Now FIFA 17 has been affected somewhat, although the company have since rectified the early access trial announced on Twitter.

It turns out while The Journey, the new story based mode in FIFA 17 will be limited, the rest of the game, including single player career and whatnot, will be available to play for 10 hours at your will. Obviously EA want to keep The Journey’s experience secret and unspoiled for fans still waiting for its release date, so we won’t argue with them on that one.

FIFA 17 will be on EA Access starting September 22nd, ahead of its full launch on September 29th.

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