FIFA 17 trailer shows off FC Bayern in Frostbite

FIFA 17 EAFIFA 17 is transitioning over to DICE’s Frostbite engine for the first time in the series’ history. We’ve seen Frostbite in action since the days of Battlefield Bad Company, and it has now been used in the likes of Star Wars Battlefront, Need for Speed, Dragon Age Inquisition, and more. Without destruction, how will it benefit FIFA?

A new trailer focuses on the details of players’ faces, particularly on the FC Bayern Munich team. Watch out for the likes of Neuer, Lewandowski, Costa, Coman and Müller in Frostbite 3 glory. Every year, EA put a lot of emphasise on player likenesses, but what fans want is more authentic football. With FIFA Ultimate Team usually getting the most support, FIFA 16 had a bigger focus on single player career modes as well as adding in female International sides. Will we see them return this year in a bigger way?

Another big update and selling point to this year’s FIFA is the narrative mode called ‘The Journey’, which puts you in the boots of up and coming football hero ‘Alex’ in the Premier League.

FIFA 17 will launch on the 27th of September in North America and 29th of September in Europe.

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