FIFA 17 corner glitch is already killing FIFA

FIFA 17FIFA 17 isn’t even out yet (unless you have EA Access) and you can already find thousands of people searching away online for glitches and ways to cheat their way to victory.

A new glitch has already been discovered and is doing the rounds online. It’s only a matter of time before EA patch it out, and hopefully that’s sooner rather than later. While we’re sharing the video below, I’m personally hoping it will help the honest player catch the glitch-user out and be able to counter it, if at all possible. Don’t be that guy online by using the glitch, just be wary of it for the time being.

How it’s done

Press LT/L2 and get a player to come short. When he receives the ball press LT/L2 and go to the byline. Whip in a cross and there you go. The keeper glitches and can’t catch the ball giving you a free header.

I’ve played a few games online and have noticed players taking advantage straight away. As soon as a game starts they run to your corner flag looking you to tackle them so they can get a corner and score. This continued for a full 45 mins where the player would get the ball and straight away run to my corner flag hoping for a corner. No attempt to play the beautiful game at all.

Here’s hoping EA do a patch on this and quick cause right now, it’s killing the online play of FIFA 17……

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