FIFA 16 hacking continues to burden fans

fifa 16 hackEarlier this week, we had a friend get in touch to say that his FIFA 16 account had been hacked, and that he lost all of his money and players. It turns out, he wasn’t alone. He was reimbursed by EA after contacting customer support, but who’s to say it won’t happen again?

Elsewhere in the world, FIFA Youtubers have been affected too, which this one individual, W2S, speaks about in his video, which has been viewed by over 2 million people. That’s over 2 million people and growing, who are aware of this, EA. He bought the Xbox One FIFA 16 bundle, knowing he’d get the game earlier and spent over a thousand pounds on FIFA coins and packs, only to see his account hacked and everything stolen.

Another individual named Matthew, below, had his account hacked and his in-form Cristiano Ronaldo card deleted. The card is supposedly worth 3.4 million FIFA coins, the equivalent of £800… “It’s most likely they just went on the leaderboards and found the ones with the best Ultimate Team Clubs and targeted us that way,” he said.

This has happened on previous FIFA titles, and reports state that the same thing is happening on Madden titles as well, another high profile EA Sports title. EA really need to get their security measures in check, because if people are spending real money on in-game products every year, you want to know that your information is secure and that your own investment isn’t at risk.

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