FIFA 16 Cyber Monday FUT offers

fifa FUT cyber mondayEA are offering FIFA 16 FUT players the chance to boost their squads today for Cyber Monday, with a bunch of limited availability FUT packs. We can’t keep up, and some of them have already expired, so jump on now to check them out.

From 10am GMT until 11am GMT, you can pick up a Premium Silver pack. Rare gold packs and premium gold packs became available from 7am GMT and 9am GMT, before we even had a chance to look. We expect to see hourly updates, so check them out on Twitter throughout the afternoon if you’re at home and available to play some FIFA.

fifa 16 cyber mondayAn offline FIFA 16 FUT tournament also became available at 8am this morning, but unfortunately it is only available until 11am, meaning fans seeing this will probably miss out before they can get on. However, for those struggling to find the time this morning, Jumbo Gold Packs will be available for 24 hours throughout Monday.

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