Feral Horde Playlist on Gears of War 4

gears of war 4 feral hordeStarting this weekend, you can register and take part in a special Gears of War 4 Feral Horde event which will feature three unlockable skins, unobtainable anywhere else. It’s a time consuming challenge, but if you play nothing but Gears on your weekend, this might be within your reach!

“As part of the Feral Horde event this weekend, you can earn special Feral Swarm character skins by taking on the Horde! Three Swarm Character skins are up for grabs – Tiger, Cheetah, and Leopard – that can only be earned through registering for this competition, and completing one (or ALL) of the challenges below.  You can’t find these anywhere else!”

To participate, register here and complete the following objectives in the Horde Playlist:

  • Complete 50 Waves in the Feral Horde playlist, earn the Tiger Skin.
  • Complete 100 Waves in the Feral Horde playlist, earn the Cheetah Skin.
  • Complete 200 Waves in the Feral Horde playlist, earn the Leopard Skin.

The playlist is set to Hardcore Difficulty and Clocktower is the only available map in this playlist. Expect a hefty amount of Explosive Trackers, Swarm Grenadiers, DR-1s, Dropshot Scions and more. You can play the event between February 24th and 28th, with rewards following up on March 31st.

gears of war 4 feral horde box

As an added bonus, all Horde players can enjoy Double Class XP in every version of Horde this weekend – Feral, Public and Private play. Will you be taking part, or will you be giving it a miss?

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