Feel every bump and spin in GTA with Force Dynamics

force dynamics 401crWe’ve seen Oculus Rift, and we’ve seen a fair few simulators that rock you back and forth, or let you run around in-game, strapped to a thread-mill, like the Virtuix Omni, but nothing compares to this for the ultimate driving experience. The Force Dynamics 401cr motion system.

In their uploaded Youtube video, which currently enjoys nearly 1.6million views, the description reads “We made GTA V work on the 401cr motion system. It’s waaaay more fun than I expected, and hats off to Rockstar for the super-detailed physics. It’s brilliant stuff!

EDIT: We’ve been getting a lot of comments about a couple of things. First, yes, we’re working on Oculus support! You’ll just have to be patient. 🙂 Second, there’s quite a bit of zinging noise in the video. Part of that is because the camera is hard-mounted to the rear strut, so the noise transmits directly up to it; you don’t hear it that much in the simulator. And second, the camera’s behind the speakers, whereas when you’re inside you get the full surround sound and don’t notice the zinging as much.”

As for the price? Don’t get your hopes up. The device would set you back tens of thousands of US dollars. Cheaper than a  real racing vehicle, but over the top, and only for the rich gamers out there! I have to admit, the rollercoaster ride in this thing looked brilliant! Imagine this with ScreamRide or Rollercoaster Tycoon as well! If steering wheels aren’t enough for your racing sim pleasure, this Force Dynamics setup is the ultimate next step!

We want a go!

[Source: Youtube, Force Dynamics]

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