Fast & Furious 8 making history in Cuba

Fast & Furious 8It’s been a year since Furious 7 hit the big screen and a year and a half since we lost Paul Walker. However, the crew involved in the movie have signed up for a trilogy and have to go ahead with it, which leads us into Fast & Furious 8.

Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of the Fast & Furious 8 production crew have been filming in Cuba which is big news for the island. Fast & Furious 8 will be the first Hollywood studio film to shoot on the island since the embargo was set in the 1960s.

“Universal Pictures is currently in the process seeking approval from the United States and Cuban governments to explore shooting a portion of the next installment of the Fast & Furious series in Cuba,” said a statement from the studio.

However, it will be strange watching another Fast & Furious movie without the late Paul Walker. While never really considered the greatest of actors, he and Vin Diesel are, or were the two heroes of the series, and as a big fan of the movies, it feels weird to even consider the movie without Paul.

I’m looking forward to seeing more cars and action of course, but with a few real life and on-screen deaths, removing a particular character that I was fond of (no spoilers), the cast remaining will have to suffice but maybe a few new faces will make me feel better.

I recently started watching the whole collection right through again, and no matter what people say, I just love them. All the cars, the characters, the driving and action scenes. Great on screen chemistry and it’s like checking in with old friends every time I watch it.

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