Farming Simulator 17 more popular than Infinite Warfare on Steam

call of duty cod infinite warfare chartCall of Duty Infinite Warfare can’t seem to catch a break, since its release on November 4th. In saying that, it did at least manage to top the UK chart on its release week, but with figures showing a huge decrease compared to last year’s release. Its popularity on Steam, is less than stellar to say the least, too.

According to Steam statistics, and this has been reported elsewhere since Sunday, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare isn’t proving to be too popular on Steam, with a concurrent player count of 13,000 on Sunday. We saw that on launch day, figures were a little higher, with about 15,000 players logged in over the 24 hours of its release.

However, things haven’t exactly picked up since then, as the graph below shows. In the last 24 hours, according to Steam, its highest is 15, 312, while Steam Stats in another listing show 4,495 active at the time, and 11,122 since the beginning of Tuesday.

I feel bad writing this, but the general consensus is that Farming Simulator is a dull, boring game. Yet it has a committed fan base of dedicated players. I really enjoyed Farming Sim 15 on my Xbox One, with its co-op play and relaxed gameplay, but seeing a game like that surprise one of the industry’s biggest titles in player count is really head turning!

steam chart farming simulator 17 infinite warfare

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