Farming Simulator 17 will let you play as a female avatar

farming simulator 17 womenFarming Simulator 17 is on its way to PC and consoles this year, and as well as bringing mods to all platforms as well as new gameplay features, it’s also bringing the ability to play as a female avatar.

Yes, it’s exciting news for both genders, as farming, like any other career, can be practiced by anyone, no matter the gender. With Farming Simulator also allowing you to play online with friends, tending to the herds or harvesting the crops, it’s nice to have a mix of avatars, and while a small feature, will definitely be appreciated by those who play.

“As requested by the passionate Farming Simulator community, the ability to play a female farmer reflects the diverse and ever-expanding industry of agriculture, making Farming Simulator 17 more realistic and rewarding than ever before,” the studio announced. “Players will now be able to select their avatar’s gender at the beginning of the game, along with customizing their clothes. This exciting new option will also appear among the workers you can hire: both men and women will give you a hand with the many tasks that a farmer sees throughout the day!”

In other related news, Giants Software confirmed via Twitter that Fendt tractors will also be debuting in Farming Simulator 17, when it releases on October 25th.

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