Farming Simulator 17 hits 1 million players in one month

farming simulator 17 modYou may laugh at the idea of virtual farming, but with over one million players already playing Farming Simulator 17, perhaps it’s time to take it more seriously and consider the fact that it’s a really good game. Within a month of the game’s release, Giants Software are celebrating a fantastic milestone, so don’t go soiling it.

Farming Simulator 17 launched on October 25 amid some pretty big releases, and in November, it had even more competition from the big boys. That didn’t seem to cause a problem for the agriculturally focused title, which continued to sow passion and dedication into new and old fans on the field.

With the addition of pig farming, train driving, new equipment and new ways to enjoy farming, Farming Simulator 17 goes from strength to strength, with addictive gameplay mechanics, co-op farming with friends, and challenges to keep pushing you.

I picked up Farming Simulator 15 last Christmas in a sale, and while I always joked about one day trying it out, I was taken aback by how good it actually is. I played with friends, convinced others to pick it up, friends you wouldn’t expect to ever consider the idea of it, and it overwhelmed us with its deep gameplay and necessity to go back and do one more field before calling it a day.

Whether it was cultivating the land, sowing new crops, harvesing, spraying or taking wool from the sheep to sell off, it offered so many different options and opportunities, and more than anything, gave me a greater respect for the farming community and the work involved.

I wrote a diary piece earlier in the year about my endeavors, which you can read here. Farming Simulator 15 sold 3 million copies in two years, Farming Simulator 17 sold a million in one month. That’s amazing! Who needs guns, high speed chases and explosions?

Farming Simulator 17 is currently discounted on the PlayStation 4 if you fancy a go yourself.

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