Farming Simulator 15 receives free console mod pack

farming simulator 15Farming Simulator 15 on consoles has just gotten a nice boost thanks to a free update that arrived yesterday, January 20th. A Mod pack has been added, taking some of the more interesting PC mods, and being customized to work on PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game.

The ModHub is a great way to expand your gaming experience with more vehicles, tools and features or to share your own modifications with other players. Due to technical limitations those mods can normally only be installed in PC and Mac versions of the game but we have worked with multiple mod creators to make their high quality mods available on consoles.

The free pack includes 3 Tippers, 1 Cultivator, 2 Loading wagons, 2 Baling technology and 3 Weights.

You can download the Mod Pack here.
PS4 | PS3 | Xbox One | Xbox 360

I picked up Farming Simulator 15 this holiday for the Xbox One, and since then, numerous friends have continued to join in and help me cultivate, sow and harvest the land. It’s a fantastic experience, and you can read about our adventures here. Believe me, it’s not as boring as the game’s title may suggest!


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