Far Cry 5 Review,

There are a lot of things I could pick over in Far Cry 5, random assets not quite placed in the game world properly or AI NPCs doing odd things or perhaps just criticise Ubisoft for recycling a lot of assets from other games but that wouldn’t be fair because this just may be the best Ubisoft game and certainly the best Far Cry game that I have played. Ubisoft Games seem to all be sticking to a very strict formula these days. Whether you’re playing Assassins Creed Origins, Far Cry 5 and it will probably be the same for The Crew 2 when it arrives, there’s always a sense of familiarity about Ubisoft titles, more so today than years past. Leaps forward have been more controlled but there has been a refinement which has delivered vast game worlds packed with content and in the case of Assassins Creed Origins and Far Cry 5, compelling stories.

Far Cry 5 takes us to Montana and we play the part of the rookie deputy, part of a task force sent into the fictional Hope County to arrest the games bad guy Joseph Seed AKA The Father. Joseph Seed is flanked by his faithful companions and Lieutenants whom you must defeat. My personal favourite is faith but the others are likeable foes. John Seed reminds me a bit of Ryan Reynolds . The story starts off tense with the utter madness of the game being mixed in between the story line. I Enjoyed the plot and thought it was written well and well acted by the voice actors there’s nothing that really stands out for me though and for that reason I can’t see Far Cry 5 being remembered for it’s story alone.

Luckily Far Cry 5 has an awful lot of other things going for it. The game world is beautiful and full to the brim of content. Ubisoft have done a great job recreating rural Montana and it’s really surprising to see how beautiful the game looks on even the original Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Ubisoft have clearly put in a lot of work with the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X versions of the game with the latter managing to output at native 4k although both versions give stunning crisp visuals. Even the PC version has had a lot of attention with the game looking stunning and running very smoothly.

As with most Ubisoft games Far Cry 5 offers you the chance to focus on story missions but you’ll often find yourself getting distracted by one of the many side missions you can encounter along the way. The random encounters with NPCs and wildlife offer perhaps the most humorous moments though. One minute you’ll be merrily navigating your way through the game and the next something bizarre and funny will unfold in front of you. The ragdoll system also provides many laughs and not once have I found myself getting frustrated or bored.

There’s plenty of customisation for both weapons and your character and whilst there are micro-transactions in the game I’ve not found myself tempted or manipulated into purchasing anything.  There are plenty of vehicles at your disposal and if you want to take a break from the madness of the game there’s other activities to do too like swooping down hill sides in your wing-suit or perhaps my favourite in game pass time fishing. If you want to try something a bit more radical then there’s always the Far Cry 5 Arcade mode to sink your teeth in too. Players can create their own maps and challenges that can be downloaded and played by others and this game mode will give you plenty of replayability and unadulterd fun.

Movement and gunplay is nice and sharp with  decent difficulty scaling. The AI could be improved but their sometime stupid and random actions can often lead to some truly memorable and funny moments. All in all I have to say that Far Cry 5 is the best game I’ve played this year so far. It’s not perfect and there’s plenty that could be done better but there’s just so much that’s been refined and Ubisoft have created a game that is just so much fun to play. I have no idea where the series is going to go after this but with Far Cry 5 Ubisoft have really raised the bar. This is a game that deserves a place in your collection.

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