Fanboy debate sends sighs across Twitter, involves Spencer and Boyes

phil spencer twitterAdam Boyes, Vice President¬†of Publisher and Developer Relations at PlayStation has backed up Phil Spencer in the heat of the moment during a Twitter debate, when the head of Xbox tried interacting with ‘fans’. What came about what fanboyism at its worst, and apparently being excited for a game on the competitor’s platform is wrong…

To cut to the chase, a tweet to Phil Spencer from IRISHGAMER1461 who simply asked what games he his most excited about in 2016 escalated into the dreaded fanboy behaviour we have come to hate. The head of Xbox is most excited about Gears of War 4, understandably, but he didn’t stop there. He went on to talk about other titles within the same tweet, and I’m sure IRISHGAMER1461 was happy with that added effort. Phil continued, saying “I thought Division beta was very good. People will block me but UC4 will be a great game I’m sure. Love the QB Story.” Even Phil knows that mentioning Uncharted 4 is likely to see him getting blocked on Twitter, which is utter stupidity. Not that he knows it, but because it will and probably happened in the past hour or so.

It wasn’t long before The_CrapGamer stepped in, mouthing off about how the head of Xbox is excited to play Uncharted 4 on PlayStation 4. How dare the head of a gaming platform be interested in playing one of 2016’s biggest releases. Imagine that…

Honestly, you should read some of the comments and tweets. It’s hilarious, and you’ll soon get tired of moaning and sighing at humanity, like I did. Adam Boyes then retweeted Phil’s comment, adding “Truth! Many 1P dev teams make great games, we should celebrate regardless of the platform, not cheer for failure.” We know that the executives in these companies are all in healthy competition, and in contact. They’re just men and women doing their jobs and trying to further their companies’ success. Quit with the fanboyism, and just enjoy whatever games you enjoy playing, no matter the platform!

[Source: Twitter]

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