Fallout Shelter receives free Thanksgiving update

fallout shelter thanksgivingBethesda’s mobile game, Fallout Shelter has received a free cosmetic update on iOS and Android. Celebrate Thanksgiving in your vault this week, with themed outfits and food.

The update is only cosmetic, but similar to the Halloween update in October, it will add a few items and outfits based on one of America’s favourite holidays. Fallout Shelter released in June during the Bethesda E3 conference, where fans got their first glimpse of the now released Fallout 4. It is ranked no.36 on the Top Grossing Games and no.14 on the Top Free Games on the App Store, according to ThinkGaming.com and makes an estimated $50,000 a day on in-game purchases.

fallout shelter thanksgivingThe update reveal came via Twitter, and with both Halloween and Thanksgiving themes already on show, it would not be surprising to see a Fallout Shelter Christmas/New Years update to follow. Some free lunchboxes for Christmas day would be nice, Bethesda. 😉

If you haven’t played Fallout Shelter yet, and are having fun with Fallout 4, why not give it a go? Get it for iOS here, and Android here.

[Source: Twitter]

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